Module 1 Training

Handling and Manoeuvres

The module 1 of the motorcycle licence is all about control of the vehicle and the skills required to manoeuvre the vehicle safely at slow and moderate speeds.

What does the course involve?

The course will provide training and practice of the manoeuvres listed below enabling you to successfully negotiate and complete the course as required for the Module 1 test standards.

Why Learn with Fatboy?


Some people say mod 1 is the harder test, it’s all about concentration, keeping that head up and not putting a foot down

The module 1 certificate lasts for the remaining duration of your theory certificate.

You can take your mod 1 and mod 2 at separate times. The achievement of mod 1 does not give you any additional entitlement and you are still restricted to riding a maximum size of 125cc displaying learner plates.

MOD1 Course

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