About us

2015-05-25 18.13.39Fatboy Motorcycle Training is set up to provide quality training for all people wishing to experience, learn and progress in riding a motorcycle. All of our trainers are bike enthusiasts with years of experience riding all year round and all styles of bikes.

Having an enthusiastic instructor to pass on their experience, advice and if you’re lucky, a few old biker stories to ensure you leave Fatboy MCT with a big smile and a real knowledge of safe riding skills and experience.

We believe that training the new riders of today to be safe, aware and competent on the road will lead to more people enjoying the riding experience whilst promoting:

  • Less congestion on our roads.
  • Cheaper fuel costs for transportation.
  • Ease of parking and the space required, and, arguably a more environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Our Aim

The sense of freedom, control and the feel of fresh air is an experience we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience. If you have ever wondered why a dog hangs his head out of a car window, then give motorcycling a try!

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We are a DVSA approved training body


We are an approved Honda School of Motorcycling

We are also the affiliated training company to Crescent Honda and Southampton Harley Davidson